Earth’s Strongest Strains, High Times!

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From the desk of Nico Escondido at High Times Magazine

The first “Elite Eight” strains listed herein tested highest in THC potency among the more than 300 varieties entered in the four Cannabis Cup events that HIGH TIMES held in 2011. They’re in the uppermost echelon when it comes to strength and reflect not only superior genetics, but also the best cultivation techniques possible in order to unlock their potential.

All of these strains, including the 16 others that round out the list, possessed the highest levels of THC, with each of them registering at least 20% when laboratory tested on gas chromatograph (GC) machines. Gas chromatography is used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds.

North America and Europe and are currently the strongest strains on planet Earth. High Times wrote, “Don’t worry, we’ll be updating this list annually, after every year’s round of Cannabis and Medical Cannabis Cups!”

#1 OG Ghost Train Haze

25.49% THC

Southwest Alternative Care

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

The strain with the highest percentage of THC at any of the 2011 HIGH TIMES Cup events came from Denver, CO: It was entered by Southwest Alternative Care and was created and grown by Rare Dankness Genetics. But what exactly is the OG Ghost Train Haze? One might guess she has some OG and some Haze in her. But more accurately this strain has the Haze, as in Neville’s Haze, mixed together with some OG and Trainwreck. For those of you keeping score at home, the exact line looks like this: OG Kush x (Trainwreck x Neville’s Haze). Surprising? Not really. Strong? Tops in ’11.

#2 Chem Dog

24.72% THC

Highland Health

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

You know the name, we all love the strain – and if she’s not No. 1, of course she’s No. 2. The only surprise here is that this was the first time Chem Dog has ever been entered into a HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, but she didn’t disappoint! Grown by Highland Health for the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in Colorado last April (’11), the Chem D topped out at close to 25%.

#3 Banana Kush

24.19% THC

Highland Health

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

Another entry by Highland Health in the 2011 Denver Cup: The precise genetics are unknown, but what we can say for sure is that there’s definitely some Kush present, which likely accounts for her powerful punch. What we don’t know is exactly where that awesome banana flavor comes from!

#4 G-13 Widow

23.77% THC


Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

Finally…a non–Chem D family member cracks the list! And wouldn’t you know it, she’s a G-13 x White Widow. The G-13, engineered by the US government’s medical project at the University of Mississippi, was always said to possess the highest levels of THC available at the time, and crossing those genetics with the legendary White Widow should only boost the case for a Top 5 inclusion. Entered by Biocare at the 2011 Denver Cup, this strain hit nearly 24% THC, giving her a definite “one-hit wonder” status.

#5 Golden Goat

22.89% THC

Colorado Alternative Medicine

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

The previously unknown Golden Goat was entered by Colorado Alternative Medicine in the 2011 Denver Cup. (Don’t feel left out – this is the first time we’ve ever seen her, too.) In case you’re wondering about the lineage, it’s Island Sweet Skunk x Hawaiian x Romulan. And though she’s a hybrid, the Golden Goat offers an uplifting, sativa-like high with Super Silver Haze flavor and fruity aftertones. Where that name came from is another story.

#6 Presidential Kush

22.76% THC

Colorado Alternative Medicine

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

Well, it appears the folks at Colorado Alternative Medicine are doing something very, very right: They came proper for our first annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver last year, entering two strains that tipped the scales at over 22% THC (see above). This entry, their Presidential Kush, was a cross of two fabled strains known for both potency and flavor, the OG Kush and the Lemon Skunk.

#7 Kosher Kush

22.68% THC

DNA Genetics

24th Annual Cannabis Cup

The Kosher Kush made its public debut at the 2010 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, taking home first place in the Indica Cup. The boys at DNA Genetics brought her back in 2011 to defend the title, and she did not disappoint, taking home first place in the Indica Cup again. On top of that, the Kosher Kush had the highest potency of any strain entered this past year in Amsterdam. It’s no wonder the Kosher has been added to DNA’s top-shelf stock in their coveted Reserva Privada lineup.

#8 Kizzle

22.64% THC

The Cannasseur THC

Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

Another potent entry in the 2011 Denver Cup (and a connoisseur’s blend for sure), this unique hybrid of a female OG Kush and a male Super Silver Haze (’99) smokes like a sativa (more than 70% dominant) and keeps you high for hours. With a THC level over 22%, she rounds out our crop of the Elite Eight in 2011. We’re expecting great things from this Colorado-based breeder and dispensary in the not-too-distant future.


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